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Pentacon Telephoto Camera Lenses

Pentacon Telephoto Lenses

Pentacon are a globally recognised name in the digital photography industry, producing a broad range of high quality digital photography lenses. Pentacon telephoto lenses are premium quality lenses with an extra long focal length when compared with standard camera lenses , which helps to magnify the lens and narrow the field of view.

Benefits and features of Pentacon telephoto lenses

One of the primary advantages of a telephoto camera lens is that it allows you to magnify an object that is a significant distance away. There are a number of great uses for this. You might be photographing wildlife and dont want to risk disturbing them by getting too near. They are also great for when you want to capture candid action. A telephoto lens allows you to photograph people more naturally when they are unaware of being photographed, such as at a wedding.

Telephoto lenses allow you to selectively focus your shot framing by getting closer to the subject. These Pentacon camera lenses also add a unique effect by blurring the background of the photo. This is a popular photographic effect that uniquely changes the perspective of your image to make two or more objects that are physically very distant from each other appear much closer.

Another great feature of Pentacon telephoto lenses is their ability to isolate the subject of the photo. This reduces the depth of field so you can focus in on one object to allow them to stand out from the background. This is particularly useful for when the background is distracting or busy with numerous objects.

A telephoto lens also great for sporting events as you can capture the heat of the action much more easily. Even if you are in the stands of a sporting game you can get that elusive shot of a key moment by zooming right in on the pitch, while cutting out the objects in the middle ground between you and the field of play.