DJ Table Equipment for Every Skill Level

Today’s DJ table is rarely analogue. The advent of new, reliable file formats has practically removed manual hip hop scratching from the industry. Digital libraries are easier to manage, and software effects have moved beyond the limitations of vinyl. Purists still love their analogue, of course, so vinyl DJ desk equipment hasn’t become entirely irrelevant. Whether you’re looking for a DJ table stand or an inexpensive custom DJ table, eBay has enough variety to suit your preferences.

What features do you need from portable digital DJ tables?

Digital desks generally have a control service, audio interface, and software. Hardware based, portable DJ table controllers are still available, but if you’re looking for a folding DJ table, you might find digital interfaces more convenient. Your mobile DJ table must travel well, and a few features help with that.

  • Standalone equipment removes the need for a laptop but often comes with a large DJ table.
  • A mobile DJ table must be robust enough to survive frequent travel. This often adds weight, so a smaller desk is useful.
  • Folding stands let you set up at the correct height with ease.
What features do high end tables offer?

Hardware/software integration is typical of professional grade desks. Feature rich options will help you to leverage your skills, but fine features often come at a high price.

  • When it comes to materials in a DJ table, wood absorbs and dampens vibrations.
  • Serato and Engine software compatibility bring vinyl integration and precise pitch control.
  • Dual USB ports are an industry standard, so they are usually found in a Denon, Pioneer, or Odyssey DJ table.
  • Jog wheels take up space, but intuitive users appreciate their tactile elements. If you play by ear, they remain the most intuitive way to alter speed.
  • Analogue/digital conversion and vinyl inclusion are preferred by those who prefer HiFi sound quality.
What features do you need from your software?

Software compatibility is often limited to specific controllers, so you’ll need to choose your favourite program before you buy a table.

  • A history of frequent updates tells you if your choice is future proof.
  • Powerful software can manage a range of media players and midi controllers.
  • Look for clearly organised decks, customisable interfaces, and user friendly library management.
  • Realistic effects and structured remix deck handling affect the quality of your tracks.

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