Personalised Cufflinks - The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Whether youre looking for a customised gift for the members of your wedding party or a present for Fathers Day or a birthday, personalised cufflinks are the ideal solution. Not only are cufflinks practical, but they can also give a stylish touch to any outfit by adding some ornamentation - without being excessive. No matter how you want to personalise your cufflinks, eBay has a wide variety of options to suit all occasions, tastes, and budgets, so youll be sure to find exactly what youre looking for. When you place large orders for a wedding party, many sellers also offer attractive discounts.

How can you narrow down your choice of personalised cufflinks?

Before choosing cufflinks, consider the following factors:

  • Type: Although whale back cufflinks are the most popular, youll find many other styles on eBay.
  • Material: Among the many options on offer, cufflinks vary from wooden to gold-plated.
  • Shape: Rectangular, square, oval, and round cufflinks are all available.
  • Size: Check the length/width of the cufflinks or their diameter.
  • Presentation: Cufflinks might be sold in a presentation bag, box, or case (the latter of which can also be engraved).
How can cufflinks be personalised?

There is a wide variety of personalised cufflinks to choose from, and they include:

  • Engraved: Choose the font size, and have the cufflinks engraved with the recipients initials, a personal message, and/or the date. You might be restricted to 15-20 characters depending on the size of the cufflinks.
  • Images: A logo, a sample of handwriting, a photo, or a childs drawing can be set behind glass or clear resin. Images may have to be cropped and/or resized to ensure a comfortable fit, and photos should be of good quality.
  • Mismatched cufflinks: Combine the above options by having an image on one cufflink and an engraving on the other. Monogrammed cufflinks can also be found with one letter to be worn on each sleeve.
What is the difference between traditional and laser engraved cufflinks?

The accuracy of traditional rotary engraving depends on the size of the bit, and it isnt suitable for materials that are sensitive to pressure and/or heat. Laser engraving can be more precise as the engraver can alter the diameter of the laser and its intensity to achieve a greater depth. It also lasts much longer on hard metals, so you can avoid the blurring which is a result of wear and tear. This might not be a concern if the cufflinks arent worn every day.