Petrol/Gas Cement Mixers

Your Guide to Choosing a Petrol Cement Mixer

Get the job on your work site done in an efficient way with a petrol cement mixer. This is one machine that will make the work get done faster so you dont waste time and materials. The listed petrol cement mixers on eBay will give you solutions and a way to pour concrete that makes everyone on your team happy.

How much volume can a petrol cement mixer pour?

Listed petrol cement mixers can offer you up to 350 litres in volume. This machine automates the process so that you can mix and pour concrete indefinitely or until the job is complete. The device works by turning on its own axis and slow spinning the contents it holds. These contents begin with dry mixtures that are then mixed with water to trigger the binding chemical of cement. Inside the drum is an impeller and side flanges that grip unto the cement to flip, turn, and mix it evenly. The mixer then tilts to pour the concrete and reduce any heavy lifting on your part. The stationary placement of the mixer means that you can start the process all over without missing a beat.

Are all the parts listed for petrol cement mixers?

Major brands and manufacturers produce mixers with a standard design and engineering. The parts and pieces are also available as OEM and aftermarket options. Here’s a look at what you can start with:

  • Mixer drums: This barrel comes with a tapered end as to keep its bottom wide and bellowed. The range of sizes run between 150 and 350 litres. Its body is a hard steel, aluminium compound that you can use to mix stones and sharp chips within.
  • Self-start engines: Engines are necessary to keep the drum spinning on its own axis. The petrol or electric engine starts with little effort and won’t need any special science to work.
  • Stable stands: The legs of a cement mixer are durable and can be replaced to enhance the machine you’re using or to return it to its normal function.
  • Simple pulleys: The tilting assembly of a petrol cement mixer uses a pulley system that you can replace when necessary.
  • Quick-start controls: Buttons are a “lifesaver” when powering your machine, turning its drum, or signalling it to tilt. The panel controls these steps, and those controls are sold in the eBay listings.
Does a petrol cement mixer store its own fuel?

Fuel can be stored in the machine’s tank or brought to it from a power cable. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines to better understand what fuel you need. You can then carry it with you or store it with the mixer.