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Philips Men's Electric Shavers

Philips men's electric shavers allow for convenience as you don't need to use shaving gel or foam. These high quality shavers give you a very close shave. There are multiple types of electric shavers available, such as rechargeable ones, battery operated shavers, cordless shavers, plug in shavers and even wet and dry shavers that you can take into the shower with you.

Some types of Philips electric shavers

Rechargeable Philips men's shavers plug in to the mains to charge before being ready to be used cord free in front of the mirror. The length of the charge always depends on how long you have left it to charge for. Overnight charging offers optimum battery life, ensuring that your electric shaver doesn't run out mid shave.

Philips wet dry shavers are designed to be used either wet or dry. These electric shavers allow you the option to either shave in the shower or quickly in front of the mirror when you are in a rush. These are the most diverse shavers and can be used in any environment.

Philips cordless shavers can be recharged by mains or battery operated. Battery powered shavers offer extra convenience when travelling as you don't need to carry extra weight of the plug and cable and mains adapter.

Electric wet and dry trimmer shavers offer greater precision than standard models as they are designed for touching up your beard and keeping it in shape.

The Philips brand

A household name throughout the world, Philips is a Dutch company that was founded in Amsterdam in 1891 by Gerard Philips with his father Frederik.

Since those early beginnings, Philips has grown to be one of the giants of consumer electronics, selling all manner of products throughout the world, including televisions, lighting equipment and personal grooming equipment, such as electric shavers.