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Drastically Improve Your Entertainment Options with a Philips TV

The right TV can really ramp up your entertainment options and this is never more the case than when you choose a Philips TV. It can be difficult to choose the right one for you with picture quality, size, and features to take into consideration, but finding the right one can make your relaxation time so much sweeter. Whatever your needs or budget, there is sure to be a Philips TV for you on eBay.

What size Philips TV should you choose?

Philips manufacture TVs in a range of sizes, and you will find listings for various sizes on eBay. To decide on the best size for you, think about the space that you have for your TV and what size would fit best in that area. You should also think about how far you will be sitting away from the TV as you view. To enjoy the ideal viewing experience, it is recommended that the viewing distance is 1-2.5 times the size of the TV screen.

Should you choose a smart TV?

When you connect a TV to the internet you turn it into a smart TV. A smart TV really increases your entertainment options by offering:

  • Streaming of on-demand apps from the major TV channels through your TV.
  • Streaming of paid-for subscription services with a choice of films and TV series directly through your TV.
  • Games that can be played with your remote control.
  • Access to the internet, so you can browse directly through your TV.
  • Ability to use your TV to access your home network and play your favourite music and videos.
Should you choose an HD or 4K Philips TV?

Most new Philips TVs will offer you high-definition (HD) picture quality or 4K ultra high-definition, although you might find some that are HD-ready. An HD-ready or 720p TV will display an HD-quality picture but will require an external device to upscale it. A full HD or 1080p TV is capable of upscaling the picture by itself and will display HD-quality pictures without further intervention. A 4K TV can display HD quality pictures and also display 4K pictures. 4K is a growing technology, and some large subscription services have started creating 4K content, so choosing a 4K TC could future-proof your purchase.

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