Planet X

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Planet X

Planet X is known for manufacturing endurance bikes, racing bikes and even mountain bikes. Their bikes come in a huge range of styles, designs and constructions, with plenty of options to choose from.

Racing Bikes

Planet X racing bikes are often very stiff and this ensures that all of the force that is pushed through the pedals is used to propel the forward motion of riding. Bikes that have a lower front end will make the ride much more aerodynamic, giving more speed with less effort.

Shorter wheelbases, on the other hand, offer fast handling, enabling the rider to have a much more responsive ride. With all racing bikes, the clearance between the wheels and the frame is incredibly tight and for this reason, thinner tyres are always used.

Endurance Bikes

Endurance bikes have a much higher level of flex between the handlebars and the saddle. This is designed to reduce bumps and vibrations from the road. The rider will also be sat more upright when compared to mountain bikes and racing bikes, with the longer wheelbase making the bike more stable. This does reduce the handling speed, however, the wider clearance offers a higher level of grip and comfort in bad riding conditions. Endurance bikes have wider tyres with the option for mudguards, enabling the rider to ride across several different terrains without making adjustments.

Road Bikes

Planet X road bikes are fitted with thinner tyres however they still have a very high level of grip. The dropped handlebars enable the rider to sit in an aerodynamic position while also offering both speed and comfort for longer periods of time. Road bikes are made for going faster and further when compared to other bikes and they also have many more gear options when compared to both endurance bikes and road bikes.