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Polaris Cycling Clothing

Available in a range of styles and sizes, Polaris cycling clothing has something to suit cyclists of all abilities and disciplines. Whether you are looking for high performance clothing for road race cycling, or just some extra protection from the elements during your weekend bike ride, there are many options available.

Selection of products by Polaris

Polaris produce all of the essentials, such as cycling jackets , shorts, cycling gloves and jerseys, allowing you to buy the right clothing for your needs. Jackets and cycling shorts come in a number of different styles, from skintight specialist racing gear to cycling clothing aimed specifically at leisure pursuits.

Polaris have cycling jackets for many different weather conditions. Padded winter jackets are perfect for keeping you warm when youre cycling in the cooler months and lightweight summer jackets keep you protected and cool when its hot.

Polaris cycling clothing for all

Polaris clothing comes in a wide range of sizes, ensuring you can easily find a selection of well fitting styles, no matter what your preference of specialist pursuit.

Polaris produce cycling clothing for men, women and children. The variety of cuts in mens and womens clothing can have an impact on your comfort and this choice allows you to find clothing cut specifically for your body type.

The range of Polaris cycling clothing is available in a selection of different designs to suit your tastes. Whether you want a subtle look or something more vibrant and eye catching, there are many different designs and colours available to choose from.

Made from long lasting materials

Polaris cycling clothing is highly durable and long lasting, withstanding the stresses of regular use.

All Polaris cycling clothing is manufactured from high quality materials, which is designed to be soft on the skin and minimise possible irritation when cycling.