Power Your Appliances and Equipment On the Go With a Portable Generator

Whether you're facing a blackout or are thinking about going camping for your next vacation, small, portable generators provide you with the means of powering numerous devices and appliances, like power tools and television sets. As you are searching on eBay for a portable generator that will accommodate your power requirements, you'll find that there are a range of generator variations that you can select from.

How do you choose a portable generator?

Once you've determine that you're in the market for a portable generator, the many distinct features that will help you identify which model and type of generator is right for you include:

  • Fuel tank size - If you're considering a diesel or petrol generator, the system will be equipped with a fuel tank. Larger tanks are able to run for a lengthier period of time before needing to be refuelled.
  • Portability features - While all of these small generators are designed with portability in mind, some models come with different portability features than others. If the portability of the system is essential for you, consider such features as wheel kits and fold-down handles to help you transport the device.
  • Inclusion of safety features - A number of small portable generators for sale on eBay are equipped with outlets that are circuit-breaker protected, which are designed to reduce the chances of an overload. Look for fuel gauges if you want to lessen the possibility of power interruptions.
  • Features that provide quiet operation - Portable generators can be outfitted with low-tone mufflers that help to suppress exhaust noise.
What do the various power source options indicate?

The three types of power sources that portable generators can use include:

  • Diesel - Any generator that works with diesel is equipped with a fuel tank that will use only diesel fuel.
  • Petrol - A petrol generator is designed specifically to be powered via a petrol fuel tank.
  • Solar power - Some portable generators are solar powered, which means that the system needs to be charged in order for it to turn on and power other appliances and devices. The charge can be provided to the generator through solar panels or AC plugs.
How does the maximum wattage output determine use of generator?

Each portable generator has a specific amount of maximum wattage that it can provide to devices or appliances that it is hooked up to. Different appliances require different amounts of power to function properly. For instance, a heat pump requires nearly 4,000 watts of power. The maximum wattage output with a portable generator usually extends from lower than 2,000 to upwards of 20,000.