Postal Boxes

Postal Boxes: Right Size, Right Style, Right Colour

Why is it that you can never find a box of the right size when you require one? You end up like Goldilocks, with boxes that are too large or too small. Fortunately, if you do a bit of shopping, you can find large, medium, and small postal boxes that are just right on eBay.

The first filter to use when box hunting

The first thing you need to know is what you’re going to use the box for. This lets you filter by single-wall or double-wall boxes. Single-wall boxes are the most common. They’re made of a single layer of corrugated cardboard. This category covers everything from small postal boxes for a single mug to large boxes for household goods. Double-wall boxes are made of two layers of corrugated cardboard. You would choose this style if you wanted to ship something heavy. If you have a business selling heavy machine parts, you might ship them in double-wall boxes. There is often a weight rating on boxes to help you decide.

Versatile postal box styles

There are a few styles of new, used, and pre-owned postal boxes that are particularly useful. They’re available in quantity if you anticipate using them frequently.

Large letter postal boxes are flat enough to fit through a standard letterbox. The width and length vary. These are suitable for anything from documents to T-shirts. Inexpensive large letter postal boxes are heavily used in e-commerce.

Charming postal cake boxes may be rectangular or square, and they’re often white. Most have tuck-in flaps, and they may have decorative printed designs on them. You might use new postal cake boxes when you want a more sophisticated presentation than just a plain brown box.

Flat postal boxes are a sturdier alternative to padded envelopes. You may like these for books, DVDs, or other items that need just a bit more protection.

What are colour options for postal boxes?

Brown postal boxes are the workhorses. They’re sturdy, reliable, and available in an almost endless array of sizes.

For an upgrade, consider classic white postal boxes. They’re a bit more unusual than the familiar brown box, so they give your package polish. A label or handwritten address may also be easier to see against a white background.

Beyond brown and white, there is a wide variety of colours available. You can choose a signature colour for your business and make it part of your brand. On the other hand, maybe you want to use fun, assorted colours to mix things up.