Power Transformers

Be Prepared For Your Job With a Site Transformer

Whether youre using power tools at a construction site or are about to work on some power lines, site transformers provide you with the ability to safely increase or decrease different voltages in a wide array of applications. These site transformers come in many different shapes and sizes, all of which are available on eBay. You can choose from a variety of mounting styles to support your specific situation, which extend from floor standing to PCB or rack mounting.

Which types of site transformers can be selected on eBay?

In your search for the right site transformer, there are many different kinds available for you to select from, which primarily include such types as:

  • Toroidal: These are small donut-shaped transformers that can be used in practically any electronic application, extending from LED commercial lighting to power distribution equipment.
  • Autotransformers: This is a type of electrical transformer that comes with a single winding and is mainly used with railway applications and audio systems.
  • Portable tool transformers: This is likely the most common type of site transformer because of its usage with all kinds of different power tools. Its portability allows it to be readily used at a construction or electrical site.
  • Telecom: These are often referred to as pulse transformers and are able to transmit small digital signals for telecommunication purposes.
  • Audio: This refers to any type of transformer that can be used within audio equipment and amplifiers. These transformers can be used to split audio signals or block any radio frequency interference. Site transformers such as these can operate at a microphone level or with loudspeaker voltages.
What does the voltage rating of a site transformer indicate?

When youre looking at a particular site transformer on eBay, youll likely notice that each transformer comes with its own voltage rating, which refers to the amount of voltage that a transformer can satisfactorily operate at. These ratings can come in either single or dual ratings, the former of which extends from 12 volts to upwards of 600 volts. Dual-voltage ratings can come in at anything from 120/208 to 240/408.

What safety features are available with site transformers?

When youre trying to locate a site transformer thats safe to use at a construction or electrical site, a couple of the most common safety features found with site transformers include RCD earth leakage protection and thermal overload protection, the latter of which will keep the device working properly in the event of an overload of electricity.