Prayer Mat

Prayer mats for everyday use

When its time to pray, make sure you have a prayer mat handy. These Islamic collectables the perfect place to pray whilst keeping you clean from the dirt on the floor. Available in a range of sizes and designs, theres a varied range of religion and spirituality collectables available. 

Standard prayer mats

Youll find standard prayer mats that are designed to be kept in one location for when its time to pray, perfect for use at home. Keep an eye out for a range of beautiful colours, like red and green, or go for something more subtle with a black prayer mat. 

Or, add some luxury to prayer time with an extra large padded prayer mat lined in high-quality velvet. The padding keeps your knees comfortable so you can concentrate on prayer. 

These Islamic prayer items also come with a range of patterns and designs, with bordered edges, intricate details and tasselled edges. Also, keep an eye out for personalised prayer mats. These are ideal for larger families, ensuring that everyone has their own mat. 

Travel prayer mats

Travel prayer mats are ideal for those who are travelling and still wish to pray. These mats can be folded away and put in your pocket and are waterproof, ensuring theyre easy to keep clean. 

Or go for a zip-up prayer mat for something that can easily be stored in a bag. The mat itself is made with waterproof cloth whilst the zip bag features a handy compass so you always know which direction to pray to. Choose your travel prayer mat in black, green, red or blue to match your personal style. 

Electric prayer mats

Teach your little ones how to pray with an electric prayer mat. With all five fully authenticated daily prayer recitals and five touchscreen buttons, prayer time has never been so convenient.