Temporary Tattoos

If you like the look of tattoos but you're not quite ready to step into the tattoo parlour, then temporary tattoos can be a great way to play around with body art. Just want to have fun? You'll find plenty of novelty temporary tattoos ideal for parties and festivals and also child-friendly options that wash off.

Paper-based Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos on transfer paper are a great option because of the wide variety of designs available. If you're unsure of what type of temporary tattoo to go for, looking through what's on offer can be a source of inspiration. From delicate floral designs to ornate pieces covering a large expanse of skin, there's something to suit everyone's taste.

You can also find temporary tattoos to suit a particular theme such as gory tattoos for Halloween which look like all kinds of painful wounds. Also available are temporary face tattoos made to look like face painting which would be perfect for a fancy dress party to really bring your character to life.

Tattoo Sleeve

If you're thinking of having a permanent tattoo but you want to see how it might look before committing then why not go for a temporary sleeve tattoo? Available in a choice of designs and in black or colour, this temporary option lets you get used to what your arm might look like with the real deal.

Glitter and Sparkle

If you want something that isn't just a tattoo-lookalike then a glittery temporary tattoo is the perfect option for you. Ideal for little girls who like to dress up as fairies or princesses, a glitter tattoo adds a touch of magic to body art. There are plenty of options for grown up girls too, with temporary tattoos for the body, face and even hair on offer. If you are off to a festival or even just out on the town then a temporary glitter tattoo is an alternative and eye-catching way to accessorise.