Projection Lenses

Slide and Film Projection Lens

Display your images in perfect quality with the help of slide and film projection lenses. Choose the right lens for your projector , depending on brand and size.

Most brands will allow any of their lenses to fit any of their projectors, meaning that you can mix and match lenses for the best quality projection at any given time. Projection lenses on their own are reasonably priced so it may be worth having a few different lenses depending on their purpose.

Slide and print film

The difference between slide film and print film is that slide films have positive image and standard print film uses negative. Slide film is a little easier for beginners as the prints reflect exactly what the image will look like, with high saturated and contrasting colours. Slide film is definitely a great choice for projections with a pop of colour.

The brighter images, however, often lose details in more shaded or shadowed areas of the image, therefore print film is more commonly used with professionals.

Fixed or zoom lens?

A fixed lens projects a set image size from any distance, giving excellent quality for that particular size. Zoom lenses allow to to zoom in and out of the image, changing the size of the image on the screen without having to move the projector itself.

Fixed focus lenses are less likely to produce any colour abrasions such as fringes of colour along the edges of the image; however, they are not as versatile as zoom lenses, meaning that you would have to move the projector closer or further away from the projection surface in order to get the perfect image quality.

Picture quality

Many household brand names produce affordable lenses that are ideal for projecting images; however, for professional quality, opt for brands that produce professional cameras for sharp image quality.