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Quad Home Audio Amplifiers & Pre-Amps 2

Experience Excellence with Quad Home Audio Amplifiers

Quad home amplifiers have been a must-have among audiophiles ever since the company released the first, and now highly iconic, Hi-Fi Quad II amp in the 1950s. Purveyors of high end audio gear for the home consumer, the Quad company still makes a version of the Quad II classic thats faithful to the original with the quality of the components and the design, with the valve based monoblock being revamped slightly to be more in line with aesthetic expecations. Later versions of the Quad II classic are also available in pre, power, and integrated models, and eBay offers a broad range of Quad amplifiers that are sure to suit every home audio system. 

What is the Connection Between Circuitry and Clean Sound? 

The Quad II series of amplifiers features a circuit thats designed and developed by engineer Tim de Paravicini, a valve amp designer widely regarded as being among the best in all of Europe. The Quad IIs circuitry is built with Peter Walkers original guiding principle of simplified design and having the cathode load onto the same output stage. As such, the new amp delivers the same broad dynamic range as the original, but with even more detail at the highest and lowest frequencies thanks to even better technology and components. 

What Makes the Quad II Classic Amplifier so Special?  

A Quad II is an original or classic style push-pull monophonic amp, meaning that it only uses one channel of transmission. However, it does have two different active stages to choose from: an input stage consisting of two small EF86 pentode style tubes, which are both capacitor-coupled to their own dedicated tetrode output tube. Even though each EF86 pentode input tube has its own tetrode output tube, only one of these output tubes receives the original input signal. 

Cheaper Alternatives to the Quad II Classic 

If your wallet can’t quite stretch to the luxury of the Quad QII-Eighty 80 Watt Power Amplifier, the company has other high fidelity amplifiers at far lower price points. All of these offer the Quad expertise at a budget-conscious cost:  

  • Quad Elite Stereo Stereo Power Amplifier.
  • Quad Vena Digital Integrated Amplifier.
  • Quad Va-one Integrated Valve Amplifier - Stereo Amp Vaccum Tube Digital Input.