Quad Tyres

Quad tyres for off-road action

Go off-road with quad tyres, designed for use with a range of terrains. Youll find a range of different types available, from those suited to road use to those made for rocky and muddy terrain. From AMS quad tyres to those from Duro, youll find the perfect quad, ATV & trike parts right here on eBay. 

Keep an eye out for tyres that are E-marked. This means that they can be used on a road legal quad bike

When browsing these vehicle parts and accessories, its important to keep the exact make, model and year of your quad bike in mind, as the tyres need to be compatible. If you choose the wrong size, the tyre may not fit or may even come loose when on the road. You should also use a professional fitting service to install tyres. 

Duro quad tyres

Duro uses the same rugged yet reliable quality that has been typical of the brand since 1945. A set of Duro sports wheels is perfect for tackling almost any type of terrain. These often come with a heavy-duty sidewall design to combat punctures and a split-knob tyre tread design for great purchase on both hardpack and loose terrain. 

Youll also find Duro tyres specifically designed for use on the road. These tyres are typically tubeless and come with large blocks on the tread for full contact to the road. 

AMS quad tyres

AMS quad tyres utilise the brands expertise in creating high-quality tyres for a range of applications. The AMS M1 Evil features a deep 1-inch tread thats designed for use in the woods, whilst a special compound makes this tyre extra long-lasting. 

Make easy work of muddy terrain with a Mud Evil. A two-inch tread design with bold shoulder knobs, a non-directional tread and natural rubber design creates a tyre that can get you out of the stickiest situations.