RFID Blocking Wallets for Men

Safeguard Your Credit Card Details from Strangers with an RFID-Blocking Wallet

An RFID-blocking wallet is an RFID-blocker that prevents skimmers from using RFID (radio frequency identification) scanners to steal your credit card information from your wallet. The wallet is a safe and easy way to protect yourself from such electronic theft. Buy an RFID-blocking wallet on eBay if you dont want to fall victim to such acts of theft.

Is RFID theft threat real?

RFID skimming is a very unique kind of electronic pickpocketing. The problem is some credit cards, drivers licences, and passports come with RFID chips embedded. When triggered by a reader, these chips send specific information wirelessly, so that anyone could verify your identity without your knowledge or buy things without swiping your actual card. In a few demonstrations done before, RFID skimmers exhibited how to collect complete credit card information from the pockets of passers-by.

How does an RFID-blocking wallet work?

The wallet comprises a wrapping or layer made from metal or carbon fibre. This unique layer ensures the electromagnetic fields do not reach your RFID chip-embedded cards. The shielding material used is conductive in nature. The level of conductivity ascertains how easily heat or electric charges can pass through a material. This RFID-blocking wallets protective layer blocks the electromagnetic waves coming from the RFID scanner of the skimmer, making sure the waves are refused entry, via a shield.

What are some other positives of an RFID-blocking wallet?

Besides its main benefit, which is preventing RFID financial fraud from happening, an RFID-wallet shines in the following departments too:

  • Minimalism: An RFID-blocking wallet, unlike an RFID-blocking sleeve, isnt bulkier or heavier than your regular wallet. Most importantly, you are replacing your existing wallet and not carrying a separate wallet to keep your credit cards in.
  • Stylish: RFID-blocking wallets come in quite a few designs, materials (such as leather, nylon microfibre, metal, etc.), and styles. They are discreet and look the part.
  • Spacious and functional: RFID-blocking wallets are generally roomy enough to accommodate everything that a regular wallet has space for, besides your credit cards.
What does the term "skimming" mean?

"Skimming" refers to the ease with which individuals steal information from other peoples wallets. To do so, they need not come in physical contact with the victim. Just walking beside the person on a street for a few minutes or even seconds is enough to extract information. Also, the person who has been subject to the fraud would not realise his/her card information has been breached unless or until he uses his card after the crime has been committed.