RSPB Pin Badge

RSPB pin badges for every collector

RSPB pin badges are collectable items from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Badges depicting various birds are available, alongside those that come with a rare printing error. Whether youre a bird lover or an avid collector of badges, theres something for all right here on eBay. 

Bird RSPB badges

Celebrate your favourite birds with these collectable badges and pins from the RSPB. Youll find these pins with their original card intact, alongside those as just pins. Keep in mind those with the card are considered more collectable. 

Youll find stylish pins depicted two swans, creating a love heart, the perfect gift for any loved one. Add a Great Indian Bustard to your collection, or go for a powerful white tailed eagle. 

Ranged celebrating wildlife from New Zealand, like the Gannet, let you add an exotic piece to your collection, or go for an osprey from the British Wildlife set. 

Most of these collectable charity badges are of the bird itself, but youll find rare square pin badges with a bird depicted at the centre. 

Youll find whole collections of similar ranges available as bundles to kickstart your collection alongside individual badges so you can find the final piece for your cabinet. 

Other RSPB badges

Enamel collectable charity badges depicting other animals are available too, alongside those produced to commemorate special occasions or certain people. 

Show your support with a bumblebee badge, designed to raise awareness of the depleting numbers of the great yellow bumblebee. This collectable badge shows a bright yellow bee taking pollen from a purple flower, a truly eye-catching piece. 

Celebrate 30 years of Birdfair with a special edition RSPB pin that depicts a Jamess flamingo. Or, choose something with a misprint for a truly collectable piece. One popular misprint features a standard pin and front card but an incorrect rear section dedicated to their LGBTQIA+ colleagues.