Remote Control for Sony Camera

Cable Remote Control for Sony Camera

Controlling your Sony camera remotely has many advantages. Choose from a wide range of cable remote control units to update your kit and widen your photographic possibilities.


The main feature of the remote control for a camera is to trigger the shutter without touching the camera. This is a great function for self-portraits and to reduce the effects of camera movement on the image taken. This is particularly important in nature photography where youre recording intricate detail and dont want camera shake. Its also beneficial, as the wildlife is not disturbed.

You can also set the self-timer at regular intervals, the number of frames and the exposure time of your photos. The buttons can be operated using just a thumb for ease of use.

In most models an LCD panel on the remote lights up for night time use showing the current settings so you can check them with a glance. Cable remotes support both still and moving images to suit all types of shooting.

Check the make and model of your Sony camera before you buy to make sure you get a compatible remote.

Build and connectivity.

The unit itself is small and lightweight for easy transportation. It can be clipped to a tripod while being used or for storage. Cable lengths vary so its a good idea to decide how long the cable needs to be before you make a purchase. Some remote controls use infrared technology so you dont need a cable, but a clear line of sight needs to be possible between the remote and the camera. This might not always be possible depending on the terrain.


Powered by batteries AAA batterie s and designed with energy saving in mind, this type of device will work for approximately two months on two batteries with heavy use.