Retail & Shop Carpet Tiles

Retail & shop carpet tiles

The foot traffic that your business sees every day could start to take its toll on your carpet and flooring. Shops and offices that have a clean and fresh interior space create a great impression for customers so it could be time to revamp your floor to bring your shop back to life. There is a variety of options that provide a hardwearing surface which can handle everything from muddy boots to high heels. Tiles are a hardy choice for shops and retail units, and youll find a range of premium options in new, used and refurbished condition to suit your budget. 

Key features

Carpet tiles are perfect for retail environments as if a specific section gets damaged then you have the option to replace tiles rather than the whole carpet. There is a host of features that carpet tiles offer including heavy-wear pile and stain-resistant surfaces. Most carpet tiles are easy to clean plus some options can withstand stronger chemicals such as bleach without affecting its appearance. 

Quality and hardwearing flooring options

This type of flooring enables you to revamp your flooring at an affordable cost. Depending on the size you need, you can choose different tile pack sizes to accommodate smaller rooms and larger areas with ease. This option also has a self-adhesive back for quick and fuss-free installation. 

Colours to suit your business

Retail and shop carpet tiles come in a wide selection of colours including traditional shades such as black, navy, brown and grey carpet tiles to vibrant tones including red, purple, blue and green. You can also choose to mix colours and create a patterned effect for your flooring which add a unique twist to your store decor. Colours can also be easily matched to branding for a consistent look.