Get Connected with a RJ-45 Connector Cat 6

The first RJ-45 jacks were introduced in 1976 and changed the way in which we connect our digital devices forever. The RJ-45 jack made it much easier to connect computers to networks and replaced the previous slower standard. You can find a wide range of RJ-45 jacks and accessories on eBay.

Are their different types of RJ-45 connectors?

Yes. The most commonly used type is a simple plastic jack that can be crimped onto the end of an Ethernet cable with a crimping tool designed specifically for this purpose. Standard Ethernet jacks feature a plastic tab that locks the cable in place once connected, but some connectors may also include screws that can be used to lock the connector in place to keep the connection secure.

Are there multiple RJ-45 jack standards?

Yes. The standards, however, do not impact the design of the RJ-45 connector. but refer to the cable used between two RJ-45 connectors. Standard Ethernet cable is known as CAT5e cable while a later version is referred to as CAT6e. The main difference between the two is that CAT6e cable offers better shielding than CAT5e cable. The cable types are interchangeable and can be used together in the same network.

Can RJ-45 connectors be used to transmit electrical power?

Yes. RJ-45 connectors are routinely used with POE devices to supply power via Ethernet cables. However, the connectors can only be used to transmit low voltages over short distances. RJ-45 connectors are often used to supply power to devices like VoIP telephones, CCTV cameras, and intercom systems.

What are the typical characteristics of a RJ-45 connector?

RJ-45 connectors have a few interesting characteristics, including:

  • Design: The design of RJ-45 connectors is standardised and has not changed since the connectors invention.
  • Strength: RJ-45 connectors are designed to be strong, this is essential since it allows them to stand up to everyday use.
  • Compatibility: RJ-45 connectors are compatible with a broad range of devices and can be used on virtually any network.
What is a RJ-45 connector?

RJ-45 connectors are modular jacks and are part of a standard communications system that is used worldwide. The jacks are normally used in conjunction with Ethernet cable and consist of eight terminals that connect to the wires inside the Ethernet cable. RJ-45 has made it easy to connect and disconnect IT devices to networks.