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Rollei Film Cameras

Rollei Film Cameras

Rollei film cameras are high end and some are vintage so are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of. If youre a camera enthusiast, Rollei cameras are great to collect, restore or use every day.

Often likened to other vintage brands such as Hasselblad and Leica , Rollei cameras are a less expensive option yet still offer a wealth of features. Some newer models made after the 1990s are available if youre looking for a more recent camera in full working order.

Technical specifications

The highest specification Rollei cameras are TLR or twin lens reflex, which means they have two lenses with the same focal length. One lens is a viewfinder and the other is the lens that takes the picture. The viewfinder lens by reflection shows the exact same image that the taking lens sees.

Most models are 35mm in focal length though there are some variations if youre looking for a longer range film camera . Rollei cameras come with a fixed lens with the world renowned Carl Zeiss optics . Interchangeable lenses are also available.


Each model of Rollei film camera works differently. The aperture and shutter can be adjusted by either moving a small plastic ribbon, a spinning wheel or a meter gauge. To focus the image with a Rollei camera you look through the viewfinder of the camera to see the reversed image. A knob on the side of the camera allows you to focus the image by turning gradually. The film back flips off easily for quick transfer of film when shooting on the go.


Rollei film cameras are usually fairly compact in size for vintage designs, largely due to them having a fixed lens. They are solid in construction and built to last so youre likely to find a vintage model in good condition.