Prepare for Adventure with a Kayak Roof Rack

To quickly pack your gear for exciting rapids, while protecting yourself and other motorists on busy highways, install a kayak roof rack. eBay has several options that will easily fit on top of any type of vehicle, ensuring that your kayak stays in place on windy roads.

Is a kayak roof rack cumbersome?

No. A kayak roof rack is a flexible tool that can help with transporting paddles and other adventure gear. Several models are made to fold down easily. Those sit flush with your vehicle's roof whenever they are not being used, so they take up less space. You can even remove them if you will not be using them for a time. They make it easy to navigate tight traffic while carrying up to two kayaks with a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds.

Is it difficult to load your vessels onto a dual kayak roof rack?

No. If you choose a dual kayak roof rack with gas struts, it will be easy to pack your kayak and will take 40 pounds or more off the weight you lift. Several come with boarding ramps already built in, making it easy to load heavy kayaks. Rear saddles on some models effortlessly pivot to keep your vessel centred, and are lined with felt to preserve the finish.

Will any kayak roof rack fit your car?

No. Always use kayak racks that are compatible with your existing roof rack, and fit the shape of your car's trunk. Some will not securely fit a vehicle with a contoured rear trunk. If you drive a hatchback that is high, a long kayak roof rack may be difficult to load or prevent you from easily opening your trunk. Consider the following while selecting a kayak rack:

  • Built-in cradles let you store your paddles easily.
  • Extension pieces on some units make it easy to load an additional vessel.
  • Some feature easy-to-use locking mechanisms that require little finger strength.
Will a kayak roof rack scratch your car?

Lots of kayak roof racks are made with padding at all contact points, which prevent scratches on your vehicle and the kayak. Extra tie downs keep the vessel in one position so it will not damage your car. Some have foam blocks placed at contact points to prevent skidding and protect the finish. If you choose to use hardware, look for models with a corrosion-resistant layer or two.