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Rotary Watch Straps

When you need to keep your Rotary timepiece looking its finest, check out Rotary watch straps. Whether you need to replace yours or just want to give your watch a new look, browse through different styles and materials.

Rotary Watch Strap Materials

When replacing a watch strap, it is usually best to stick to the original material, but if you want to give it a new lease of life, change it up by choosing a different material.

Metal watch straps or bracelet straps are very popular and are suitable for everyday looks. Most are made from stainless steel, which is affordable as well as durable, but you'll often find some made of titanium, gold or even platinum.

Gold and silver plated straps offer the sophistication and class of a precious material finish whilst remaining affordable.

If you have an active lifestyle, you may find metal watches too heavy. Rubber and plastic are affordable and durable materials that are great for wearing while doing sport as they are resistant to sweat and water.

For a more timeless or luxury look, choose leather straps. Genuine leather is durable and with the right care, can last for decades. Leather straps can easily be changed so you can choose different colours and textures to suit your outfit.

If you're looking for a lower priced strap to pair with your Rotary watch, opt for non-branded straps. Non-branded straps are more affordable but make sure that they are good quality and can fit your Rotary watch.

To keep your watch looking as authentic as possible, make sure you choose a strap to match the brand of your watch. This is even more important if you're thinking of selling yours on as a branded strap will give your watch a higher value than a non-branded strap.

Whichever style or material you choose for your strap, make sure it is the right width for your watch and has the right parts to fit.