Rugby Union Programmes

Dating back as far as 1845, rugby union is one of the most popular sports in the UK. Its popularity has made rugby union programmes - from all tournaments and from every era - highly collectable. Collectors look atthings like condition and rarity when building a rugby union programme collection, but date and tournament are usually the greatest considerations.

Many collectors start with a fixed date, such as the first game they attended, and work back from there acquiring rugby union memorabilia from the tournament of interest as far back as possible. Some collectors stop when they reach their birthday or another significant date. Lots of collectors choose to expand their collection to incorporate additional tournaments and continue collecting from there. In general terms: the older the programme; the more it will cost.

International rugby union programmes

From the annual Six Nations Championship (formerly the Home Nations Championship and the Five Nations Championship) to the quadrennial Rugby World Cup, programmes from international tournaments are popular with rugby union programme collectors. And programmes that include the Home Nations - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales - are especially popular. Many collectors want programmes from international friendlies and rugby sevens tournaments too.

UK club rugby union programmes

Collectors targeting UK club rugby union programmes will usually focus on the team that they support. Some collect programmes from the Heineken Cup (now known as the Champions Cup), the European Challenge Cup, the European Shield or the Premiership. And some combine rugby union programmes from all tournaments that have included their club.

British Lions rugby union programmes

The British and Irish Lions - an elite group of players formed from the most talented Home Nations players - tour every four years to either Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Dating back as far as 1888, the British Lions Tour is one of the most prestigious competitions within rugby union. Therefore, these British Lions programmes are highly sought after.