SLIK Camera Tripods and Monopods

Slik Camera Tripods and Monopods

Slik is a popular brand among photographers, the company designs and produces a vast range of Slik tripods and monopods. Slik has established a fantastic reputation thanks to their high-quality products with innovative designs that benefit the usability of the product. Slik has won many awards in their history, which means it is no surprise that many photographers look to Slik for their tripod and monopod needs.

Making the right choice

Both a tripod and monopod offer a stable base for photography and video recordings. Both of these devices can help to stop the camera from shaking and giving a blurry image. As a monopod only has one leg, it requires the photographer to hold on to it whereas a three-legged tripod can be stable independently.

A Slik monopod is often preferred when photographers are looking for more portable solutions, a monopod can often be folded up into a small and compact space and can be transported easily, usually attached to the camera bag.

Particularly useful when hiking or walking, a Slik monopod can reduce the amount of bulk you need to carry with you, and is also good at busy places where you have to fight for a position for the best photo. A monopod takes up less space on the ground while still giving you a great picture without blurring.

A tripod helps to give the photographer more stability and is better for when a photographers hand is not steady enough to hold a camera or monopod. As a Slik tripod can be set up beforehand, unlike a monopod, a photographer can align the perfect position and simply wait until the perfect shot comes into view. A tripod is more cumbersome to carry around but will generally offer more benefits for a wider range of photography styles.

In summary, a tripod or monopod can be used in different situations and will ultimately suit the style of photography of the user and the portability needed.