Sailing Accessories & Equipment

Sailing Accessories and Equipment

Sailing accessories come in a huge range of different styles and colours. Popular sailing accessory brands include Musto, Kiwigrip, Barton and even Gill. Choosing the right sailing accessories for the water you are sailing on is crucial if you want to get the most out of your trip.

Life Rafts

Life rafts are fundamental to your safety. They can provide you with transportation, shelter and they can also be used to evacuate people from an endangered vessel. Life rafts are collapsible and are available in many different variations. Coastal rafts are suited to boats that operate close to the shoreline and they are not equipped with dual inflation tubes. Ocean rafts are intended for use in volatile and cold weather. They are designed to extend survival and often have a visible life raft canopy. Life rafts also have a single or a double floor. Single floors will keep you out of the water, however, will not provide any insulation against colder temperatures.


Other accessories include full batten and roll mainsails. Full batten mainsails are hoisted by pulling on the halyard and it is also attached by cars to the mast. When it is folded, it is often referred to as being a lazy bag. A roll mainsail is setup via the furling system, where the clew is pulled out of the mast by the outhaul. The mainsail you choose will depend on the type of boat that you have, the weather that you are going to be sailing in and even the water conditions. Mainsails are available in a huge range of styles, colours and designs, making each sailing vessel identifiable from a very long distance.

Other sailing accessories include laser sailing equipment, launching trolleys, cruising chutes and even carry bags which are designed to be waterproof with several pockets to keep your equipment safe.