Salon & Spa Towel Warmers & Sterilisers

Accentuate Your Lifestyle with a Beauty Towel Warmer

To enjoy soothing beauty treatments at home and create a spa-like environment wherever you go, use a beauty towel warmer. Compact units on eBay make it easy to heat up towels of all sizes, and even warm your robes, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Does a beauty towel warmer prevent mildew?

Yes. Many people select a beauty towel warmer from eBay because they want to have a relaxing, hot robe, but these devices also prevent mildew by drying towels after a bath. Other garments such as gloves can also be dried quickly on these appliances, making it easy to keep your outer garments ready for use after walking in the snow.

Can a beauty towel warmer help with pain?

Yes. People often use a hot towel to help with arthritis pain or back pain. A beauty towel warmer lets you quickly heat up a hot towel, which can be applied to stiff joints. This is a good way to stay relaxed after a workout, or treat a muscle injury. The machine can be used to assist with facials, and with deep conditioning your hair.

Is a floor-mounted unit better than one that is wall-hung?

The type of unit you select from eBay will depend on your space needs, with a towel warmer taking up less space than a radiator in all cases. If you choose a hydronic warmer, you can make it either a wall-hung or floor mounted unit, since both allow free access to the plumbing, but people who select the wall-hung units do so because it gives them more floor space. Keep the following in mind when selecting a warmer:

  • Floor units may be a safety concern for some people, who would rather have free movement.
  • Free-standing warmers can be easily moved from one bathroom to another.
  • Free-standing designs are not available for hydronic towel warmers.
How many towels can a warmer hold?

Most hot towel warmers on eBay hold at least three towels, but many hold more. The style you choose can give you more space for all of the towels in your home. Some warmers have an industrial-style design, and these are made of metal tubes with an elegant copper finish. Those easily hold five or more towels, making it easy to cater to guests during holidays. Some modern units are compact, making them ideal for small spaces, but they cannot warm more than a few face towels or thin bath towels.