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Samsung Batteries for the Galaxy S5

Over time your Samsung Galaxy S5 may start to see a decrease in battery life. This is the perfect time to think about getting a replacement or perhaps a backup battery for those times when you need your phone in an emergency. There is a selection of Samsung batteries for the Galaxy S5, including genuine and OEM components that offer an exact fit for your mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is also super easy to replace as its external cover is easy to remove and slot into your new purchase.

Phones That Last Longer

The reliable and durable Lithium-Ion battery options for a Samsung Galaxy S5 give your smartphone a long-lasting battery life for those times you need it most. Compatible and original Samsung batteries also offer internal features such as overcharging protection to ensure your battery stays in tip-top condition in case you leave it plugged in for longer than necessary.

Quality and Performance

For people looking to keep their battery full of life, following some basic maintenance when your new battery arrives is ideal for maximising its usability. When you receive your new purchase, be sure to pop it on charge for a good few hours before its first use. Usually, between 8 and 12 hours is ideal so it gives it plenty of time to maximise the charging process. Other handy tips include keeping your phone away from water or extreme hot and cold temperatures as this can affect the life of the battery for future use.

There is a selection of quality batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that fit the compartment perfectly and are compatible with your phone. When choosing a replacement battery for your phone, be sure to check part numbers or model compatibility to ensure the battery fits your compartment perfectly. There are plenty of genuine and OEM batteries which also include warranties and each has been fully tested to ensure longevity and durability.