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    Antique Adjustable magnifyer made from bronze.Used for close work...maps, small print etc.Very good condition.
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  • Galileo Thermometer With Barometer 33cm

    Height 33cm. Minium temperature shown on Barometer is 18 degrees Celsius. The cylinder is filled with a Hydrocarbon which has the ability to change density depending on the temperature, allowing the balls to rise and fall.
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  • 14" Green Plastic Gold Pan Nugget Mining Dredging Prospecting River Panning

    14" Green Plastic Gold Pan. Material: Green Plastic. Riffles on side to catch gold. We have fulfillment centers in both of these states. 14" Diameter. We don't always have every item available at both locations.
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    Model Number: 900D. Product Name ALVIN 900D BASIC-BOW MASTER REPAIR KIT. Manufacturer Part Number 900D. Product Model 900D. Manufacturer: ALVIN. Manufacturer ALVIN. A cross-section of repair and replacement parts for all Basic-Bow drawing instruments.
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  • faber castell slide rule

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  • James Epps of London Late Georgian/Early Victorian Homeopathic Dispensary Box

    A very rare and unique Apothecary/ Dispensary box, from the famous James Epps of London, Homeopathic Chemists to the likes of the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens. Among Dr. G. N. Epps's children were Dr.Washington Epps, a well-known homoeopathist,Laura Theresa, Lady Alma-Tadema, andMrs.
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  • 1910 German wax anatomical face disection medical model

    Got this detailed German wax anatomical model a while back, found out its older than I originally thought, it dates somewhere around 1910. Got a few omissions and slipped down in its case. Cheers Gary.
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  • Cloud chamber (Wilson chamber) Observe decay of atom.

    In its most basic form, a cloud chamber is a sealed environment containing a supersaturated vapour of water or alcohol. The resulting ions act as condensation nuclei, around which a mist will form (because the mixture is on the point of condensation).
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  • ♕♕♕ RARE - CURTA Calculator TYPE II #539865 - VERY GOOD Cond - 1967 ♕♕♕

    SERIAL : #539865. CURTA Type II. (See pictures). The ORIGINAL Canister is included. (VERY GOOD Condition - Some light scratches - See pictures). This machine is in perfect working order.
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    With the two-gallon collection capacity, the SANDMAN S ystem easily collects large quantities of material (literally gallons!). very quickly. This is a great tool to use where a powered dredge is not allowed as this tool is the best way to move large volumes of material from under water almost as easily as some powered dredge.
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  • Kern Aarau DKM3 Theodolite Swiss Made Surveyor!

    Free DKM3 Kern Tripod with straight Buy It Now
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  • 12" Black Dual Riffle Plastic Gold Pan Nugget Mining Dredging River Panning

    SEGP1013BB12 12" Black Dual Riffle Gold Pan. 12" Dual Riffles Black Gold Pan. Dual Riffles We have fulfillment centers in both of these states. Black Color. Diameter: 12". We believe that variety is the spice of life.
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  • LE TRAP Sluice Box Super Mini 48" River Bank Robber NEW

    Clean lines and the lack of any removable riffles or carpet allow for very quick and thorough clean up. Made in Canada. The closed end of the Bank Robber Sluice can be cut out, creating the River Robber Sluice.
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  • ♕♕♕ RARE - ALPINA Mechanical Calculator #6012 - VERY GOOD CONDITION ♕♕♕

    SERIAL : #6012. ALPINA CALCULATOR. (See pictures). This machine is in perfect working order. Comes with its manual in German and box. BOX.
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  • Transorbital Lobotomy Orbitoclast Walter Freeman

    skeleton oddity oddities sideshow asylum sucker punch
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  • Superb Antique Technical Mathematical Drawing Instruments Complete Set Harling

    Superb example of a complete early 20th Century technical drawing set contained within its original fitted leather case. All of the instruments are original and of the highest quality. They are made of steel and some have a turned bone (cow / bovine) handle.
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    Goldsnare SGS-1 Mini gold dredge. See Video's at Goldsnare. This also allows the user to dive with the unit while keeping the power source above the water. A waterproof switch located on the dredge allows the user to turn the unit on and off easily which saves on battery life when not in use.
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  • double balloon enema rectal tube nozzle + two pumps

    This enema ballon catheter - enema retention nozzle or inflation enema nozzle - has 3 lumen, two for the ballons and one for the enema. "Double Balloon Enema Nozzle" with two pumps. nurses strictly make use of this special double balloon enema tube at patients which are unable to hold their enema solution for an adequate time.
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  • D6 6" Optical Glass Triple Triangular Prism Physics Teaching Light Spectrum 15

    Material: optical glass, not plastic Color: Transparent Quantity: 1 pc Side length: 3 cm Prism length: 15 cm Triangular prisms are used to disperse light,that is to break light up into its spectral components(the colors of the rainbow) Package includes:1 x Triangular prisms MPN Does not apply Brand Unbranded UPC 190268172813 EAN 190268172813 ISBN 190268172813 UPC 190268172813 EAN 190268172813 ISBN 190268172813.
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  • Upscaled Model Solar System Planetary Orrery Artist Varying Speed Planets Video

    (Pluto has been given the boot, btw, I'll leave this up to you as to whether it's justified. Personally, I miss Pluto.). The planets have been handpainted and glazed so that they look either bakelite or wood and some actually give the appearance of burled wood.
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  • CURTA type I calculator with can, serial number 68 335 (composite number).

    The can has a little slit on the lid (see picture with red circle) and one of the six plastic teeth lightly chipped (see second can picture with red circle). A 1967 model.
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  • Good Boxed Collection Victorian Microscope Slides, Parrot feathers, human hair,

    Parrot Feathers, Human hair age 65, Human hair age 5, Ammonites, Fern Seed Pods, various Seaweeds and shells. The condition is good. There is one that has losses to the bottom left. The paper covers are a little tatty and some of the viewing glass covers have a crack in them.
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  • Vintage Aluminum Dental Phantom Dental Medical Manikin Columbia Dentoform

    Classic dentoform aluminum manikin with full teeth set. Piece comes with a set of teeth that have various procedures on them (fillings, caps. etc.) Very nice piece and a good start to your dental phantom collection or if your going to dental school you can use it for that too since this is a medical grade piece.
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