Christmas tree stands to match your festive fun

When it comes to Christmas trees, each one is unique. With decorations to add and lights to wind around the branches, it's easy to forget the more practical side of putting up your family Christmas tree - how it's actually going to stay up. 

Choosing the right stand for your tree is really important, especially when it comes to safety. Luckily, with the huge range of Christmas tree stands and skirts to choose from on eBay, you're bound to find the ideal one for you. 

Artificial Christmas tree stands

Mainly available in either iron, steel or plastic, these strong and durable Christmas tree stands are designed for use year after year. Complete with inside grippers to hold your artificial tree firmly in place, opt for something a little more ornate with the Gardman 4 inch cast iron stand. With festive red and green decoration, this metal Christmas tree stand matches your festive decor. 

Or, if you would like something a bit more simple and discrete, you could choose a plastic one which you fill with either sand or water, just like the ones that support garden umbrellas in the summer. There's even a Christmas tree stand that rotates and plays music. 

Live or "Real" Christmas tree stands

Live Christmas trees need to be regularly watered throughout the festive period, so this type of stand will often have a small reservoir underneath to collect the water. Made from either metal or strong plastic, live Christmas tree stands are perfectly designed to keep your tree looking great all season long. 

Christmas tree skirts

If you're bored of looking at a plain old stand, a tree skirt is just the thing. Designed in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, Christmas tree skirts are great for concealing an old or unattractive stand. Available as a 'tub' which your stand then sits inside, or as a wrap which you wind around the stand itself, a skirt is a perfect way to finish off your tree this Christmas.