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Seiko Wristwatches with Vintage

Enjoy Timeless Elegance with a Vintage Seiko

Seiko has been making watches for decades and provides a wealth of options for its vintage selection. Whether you are a collector or just wish to own a vintage Seiko, you can get a suitable buy on eBay. Shoppers can find all kinds of watches from automatic watches to sports divers.

Which type of crystals can you find in vintage Seiko wristwatches?

Seiko used its proprietary Hardlex mineral glass or acrylic for the crystals. Almost all watch makers used plastic, glass, or acrylic before the 1990s. Therefore, this is one aspect a buyer can look at when determining the authenticity of a vintage Seiko watch. The acrylic or glass forms a bulbous crystal compared to the flatter options in later models. Acrylic crystals are also easier to maintain as they only need polishing. Seiko watches have model numbers for their crystals, which makes it easier to confirm whether a product is original. You can search the model of the watch and find the corresponding crystal.

How do you select the right classic Seiko watch?

Seiko watches have been on the market since the early 1880s, so the manufacturer has an extensive range of vintage products. If you are not looking for a specific model, it helps to have a buying guide. Consider the following:

  • The movement: A watchs movement is the mechanical workings on the inside. It can be automatic, meaning that it operates using the kinetic power from the wearer, or manual, which requires physical winding to stay accurate.
  • Straps: What kind of straps do you prefer on a vintage Seiko wristwatch? Leather straps are common in old models. The material offers durability and a classic look. Silver/gold bands and bracelets are the other alternatives to consider.
  • Complications: A watch can have several other functions other than just telling the time and these are the complications. For example, a vintage Seiko chronograph has a feature for timing events. The type of complication will depend on the watch model.
Does the number of jewels in a Seiko watch matter?

The exact number of jewels doesnt make a big difference. You will find that most vintage Seiko watches have 17 jewels, but some watches may have more or less; see the manufacturers website for details. Watch jewels are artificial sapphires or rubies that act as bearings to decrease the friction during movement. Wristwatches with many moving parts and complications tend to have a higher number of jewels. The jewels will help a watch maintain better accuracy, but the difference is negligible compared to a watch with fewer jewels.

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