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Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Boxes and Bags

Since 1897 Shakespeare have been providing their customers worldwide with fishing tackle and accessories, so as you can imagine, are considered a trusted brand within the fishing industry. The products that they offer are affordable and high quality including items such as fishing reels, rods, lures and fishing tackle boxes and bags. The products are all suitable for a range of skill sets from beginners to professionals. If you're a seasoned pro, you'll know fishing is a game of patience and organisation and these styles of bags and boxes can help you to deliver just that to ensure you're on top of your fishing game!

Shakespeare have made a number of different boxes and bags that have been designed to carry all your fishing equipment needed for any one fishing trip. The boxes and bags that are available vary in features, design, types and uses, depending on your requirements when out fishing.

Fishing Tackle boxes

Shakespeare's fishing tackle boxes offer you the space to accommodate all your terminal tackle , including floats, swim feeders, ledgers, hooks, shots and disgorges. The boxes are very sturdy and strong but are quite small and thin, so they are ideal for carrying in a bag alongside other fishing accessories.

Should you be making a whole day of it, you can ensure you're comfy whilst being able to fish normally with a rod or pole on a Shakespeare seat box . These are big, deep boxes that are lightweight but tough and durable and handily work as a seat, which is always welcomed as you sit waiting to hook your next fish. The boxes offer two secure locks and slots for carrying straps so that you can transport the box from different locations with ease, whilst being confident your fishing tackle is safe and secure.

Fishing Tackle Bags

Fishing tackle bags by Shakespeare vary in design and size however they all offer strong and secure bags that are great for travelling to different locations with ease. The material that the bags are made from offers a hard and tough structure as well as being water resistant. Many have adjustable shoulder straps that help keep the bag secure and comfortable on your shoulder when carrying it to and from your fishing adventures.

There are a wide variety of bags available from Shakespeare which have all been designed to offer a sturdy base with plenty of pockets to hold your fishing accessories in an organised manner. Alongside that many have a netting and rubber mesh too for you to store your best catch of the day!