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Shimano Biking Shoes for Women

Shimano Womens Cycling Shoes

Shimano womens cycling shoes are available in several styles which are suited to different types of cycling. Whether you enjoy competitive road racing or you like to go mountain biking on the weekends, there are Shimano cycling shoes available to suit your needs.

Cycling shoes are specifically designed to increase cycling comfort and performance by improving the connection between the rider and the pedals. The two main types of Shimano cycling shoes are road based shoes which feature a clip on the bottom to lock into the pedals and more general cycling shoes.

Types of cycling shoes

Shimano road racing shoes should be used with special pedals which clip directly into the bottom of the cycling shoes. This connects you directly with the bike and can help improve performance as your feet will not slip or move from the pedals. Road cycling shoes are lightweight and aerodynamic to ensure optimum performance when cycling. Another style is the Shimano mountain cycling shoes which give you more support when going off-road and riding on rough trails.

The main drawback of road racing shoes it that they are not suitable for general wear, as their sole is flat and made from hard plastics and composites. They are also only suitable for bikes which have the correct style of pedals for the shoe to lock with.

General Shimano womens cycling shoes can be used for many styles of cycling as well as running and hiking. General cycling shoes provide increased grip and toe protection to increase the connection between your feet and the pedals. These more general use cycling shoes are more padded to increase comfort and provide your feet with increased protection from the elements when out cycling.

Shimano womens cycling shoes come in a range of sizes enabling you to find a pair which fits well no matter what size your feet. Built to be strong and durable, Shimano womens cycling shoes offer varying levels of support to your foot depending on the model you choose.