Shower Trays

Shower trays to organise your bathroom

Shower trays come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to suit all requirements, whether its for an ensuite, a small irregularly shaped bathroom, a large bathroom or even a modern wet room. They are the perfect storage solution for your toiletries and beauty accessories. 

An average shower tray width and depth is between 700mm and 1700mm. However as bathroom shapes, sizes and layouts are varied, so too are shower trays. Choose carefully to ensure that the tray fits your shower. Typically, shower trays range from 25mm to about 40mm tall. 

The most common shapes are rectangular or square. These are very versatile and will fit into a large variety of bathrooms, fitting neatly along a wall or into a corner or recess to optimize space. Both the square and rectangle shower trays can be fitted with a wide variety of shower enclosures to enhance the look of your bathroom. 

Optimising space

The space in your bathroom may be limited by the size of the room or by the position of windows, doors and other fittings. In these cases, the D shape tray or the quadrant tray offers a stylish and practical solution. 

D-shape shower tray

In a bathroom with no suitable corner, the D shape tray offers the ideal solution. It fits along any straight wall, and because of its shape doesnt get in the way of your shower space. The door slides back into the enclosure for a neat and tidy appearance. 

Quadrant shower tray

If the bathroom is small but has a free corner, then a quadrant shower tray offers an elegant solution. It fits neatly into any square corner and its curved shape allows plenty of room inside the shower. 


Ceramic and acrylic shower trays are available but most shower trays are made using stone resin. This is a material made from a mixture of minerals and resins, then covered with acrylic to give a smooth, stylish finish which is strong, comfortable to use and easy to clean.