Silent Generators

Have a Silent Night and a Powerful Silent Generator

Power and noise usually come hand-in-hand with petrol machines. The secret to keeping a generator quiet is with the design features of a silent generator. This device houses portable engines that you don’t have to hear when powered on and eBay has a wide selection for you to consider.

How are silent generators different?

Silent generators use composite materials within the housing of the generator. These composites catch noise and muffle sounds. Don’t be surprised if your standard generator makes noise and sends a vibration toward you. Such is the norm as generators house internal engines that combust with power and turn raw fuels into usable electricity. The silent generator processes fuel in the same manner but with a few extra layers of synthetics to shorten the sound waves created by the cycling of engine power. Some dangers do exist if you must work by large engines, so muffling the sound is critical. The extra compounds can be made into different layers as the generator cycles different levels of sound. The result is power at your disposal but without the extra noise.

Will this generator remain portable?

Portability is a central factor to why silent generators exist. Consider this overview of parts that keep the generator portable for use wherever you need:

  • Lift handles: Lift handles are convenient attachments that make carrying the generator around easy. These handles use rubber compounds for a strong grip and a comfortable feel.
  • Base wheels: Though portable, generators come in all sizes, and wheels might be necessary to move yours around with ease. Suitable wheelbases and a slight elevation off the ground help to keep these machines quiet.
  • Alternators: The way the power distributes or converts will dictate how much noise generates. Keeping that noise down is possible when your machine transitions power in a seamless way without any challenges.
  • Power extensions: Extension chords work well with silent generators. Power extensions offer you more than one option for powering on the engine. You can extend these chords to provide the machine with power or to extract that power from it.
  • Housings: The casing of silent generators use softened materials to surround the engine and its movable parts. These compounds dampen sound and attach to the inside of the outer shell.
Are power outputs still strong with silent generators?

From watt power to AC/DC conversions, silent generators offer the same powering, portable, and reusable features as any model or make.