Single Use Batteries

Single-use CR123A batteries

The perfect photograph doesnt just happen. Sometimes you have to take thousands of shots or wait for days camped out for that perfect nature shot. So when the big moment comes, you need to be sure that your camera is ready to go with a single-use CR123A battery. 

Power at your fingertips

CR123A batteries, also known as CR17345 or 5018LC batteries, are used in power hungry cameras and camcorders to ensure that you always have the juice to take that prize-winning shot. Most single-use batteries of this size are lithium batteries, delivering long-lasting power and performance to keep pace with the demands of high tech modern photographic equipment. 

Why choose lithium single use CR123A batteries?

Lithium batteries deliver around two and a half times the power of a similar sized alkaline battery, yet weigh around half as much. Whats more, they maintain that charge for a long time on the self, allowing them to be stored for as long as ten years without losing much of their performance. 

Travel and wildlife photographers often prefer lithium single use CR123A batteries because they can be used in a wide range of environments, from -60°C to 80°C. 

The default digital camera battery

Single-use CR123A batteries will fit most brands of camera, including Canon, Minolta, Olympus and Fuji. However, you should always check your manual to be sure before you buy, as installing the wrong type of camera battery can seriously damage your equipment. 

Choosing your single-use CR123A batteries

While they may last a long time, it is always worth checking the expiry date on single-use CR123A batteries before you buy. Most manufacturers will print this on the packaging, and if your seller does not list this, move on to one who does. 

Available from big brands, like Duracell and Panasonic single-use CR123A batteries, youre sure to find the perfect battery to keep you up and running.