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Skechers Men's Trainers

Skechers Mens Trainers

Skechers is an innovative footwear brand focused on comfort and technology while still maintaining a stylish and casual look. Skechers mens trainers are designed to be durable and robust for activewear while still being incredibly comfortable thanks to their innovative footwear solutions, such as memory foam insoles and lightweight, flexible soles.

Designed for all activities, you can find the perfect Skechers mens trainers to suit your needs.

Hiking and Walking

Trainers such as Go Walk and Burst are types of Skechers specifically designed for walking and hiking. The technology used within the pump is developed to give maximum breathability while also cushioning every step and providing the necessary support to your feet on a range of different terrains.

Some of the Skechers walking and hiking shoes are made of leather for a more durable shoe, and others use a Go Knit technology which is designed to make you feel like you are just wearing socks for maximum comfort and a relaxed feel.

Running Shoes

Skechers have developed a Go Run range of footwear that is specially designed for running whether that is on a treadmill or in the great outdoors. The Go Run collection utilises athletes knowledge and experience to help develop a running shoe that is streamlined and snug while ensuring a high performance and a fast run.

A unique midsole has been utilised to give stability to the foot while a seamless upper textile in a Go Knit fabrication ensures the shoe is always comfortable while allowing your skin to breathe.

Golfing Shoes

Another collection in the Skechers mens trainers range includes Go Golf, which are innovative golf shoes that are ideal for the golf course. Go Golf shoes are designed to be waterproof as well as stylish. The sole features a traction plate for grip and the shoe benefits from replaceable spikes, so you always feel stable and secure.