Smart & Screen Covers for Apple iPad Air 2

All You Need To Know About The iPad 2 Smart Cover

Protect your iPad from dirt, dust, and scratches with the iPad Smart Cover. This cover automatically awakens the iPad and puts it to sleep when you open and close the case, and also features a built-in stand for your entertainment purposes. Many affordable options are available on eBay.

What are the features of the Apple iPad 2 cover?

The iPad 2 Smart Cover includes all sorts of nifty features to keep your iPad looking stylish, while keeping it safe. The features include:

  • Auto sleep/wake - The cover is designed to awaken the iPad when the front flap is opened. The cover also automatically puts the iPad into sleep mode once the flap is put back over the screen.
  • Impact resistant - Through the use of shock-proof technology, the Smart Cover case will protect the iPad and absorb the shock from bumps, damage, and accidental drops.
  • Integrated stand - Unfold the the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover case to reveal a built-in stand that will prop the iPad up for entertainment usage.
  • High-quality material - The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover cases are made with synthetic leather, plastic, and soft microfiber material on the inside of the cover to keep dust and dirt away from the screen.
  • Magnetic cover - Clasps together when closed, and stays closed on its own, to keep the screen from collecting dirt and dust.
In what colours and designs do iPad 2 covers come?

There are a plethora of colours and designs that are offered for the iPad 2 Smart Covers. The basic cover design is a faux leather case with a microfiber interior. This type of case is usually a mixture between a hard shell and a soft shell, and it is a very thin and lightweight design. Then there is the Genuine iPad Air Smart Case that features a foldout case front that doubles as a keyboard/movie stand, when folded properly. Lastly, the Smart Cover has a transparent back. The iPad cover opens up like a book for screen protection, performs Wake when Open and Sleep when Closed functions automatically, and is made from leather and has a plastic hard back cover for ultimate protection.

Is the iPad 2 Smart Cover kid-friendly?

Yes, these cases are kid friendly since they feature protection against shocks as well as dirt, smudges, and scratches. The iPad Smart case is great for kids because it allows the iPad to wake up and go to sleep on its own, so kids dont have to power the device down once they are done using it. Not only does the design work practically for kids, but it also works aesthetically. On eBay you can choose from a variety of wacky colours and designs, such as their favourite TV character or animal.

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