Snooker Tables

Snooker Tables

Choosing a snooker table is easy once you know the basics and what youre looking for. There are plenty of different types of snooker tables available and a lot of them are suitable for both beginners and experts.


The legs of a snooker table are usually made out of wood, however, it is also possible for them to be made out of MDF. Some snooker tables come with collapsible legs and this makes them ideal for those who dont have a lot of space in their home.


This is the main body of the table where the slate is attached. The legs are usually connected via a brace and this helps to provide the maximum level of support to both the table and the player.


The slate is the playing area that lies underneath the cloth. There are plenty of different types of cloth to choose from and these are also available in different colours. This can include blue and green, however, it is not uncommon to see snooker cloth in red or even burgundy. The colour choice is down to the players own personal preference and has no bearing on the tables performance.


The pockets on the snooker table are fixed at the corners and in the middle of the sides of the table. These pockets are designed to stop the ball from hitting the floor and quite often they are made out of leather, rubber or even plastic. It is also possible for the pockets to be made out of string, depending on the price and the quality of the table.

On the top layer of the pocket, you may have a leather padded bunker which guides the ball into the pocket. The leather is usually reinforced to absorb any impact from the ball, while also preventing ricochet.