Solar Panels & Kits

Home Solar Panels

Solar panels are an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to create power for your home, caravans and mobile homes. They are also a great way for providing power to other things around the home including outbuildings, garages and smaller sheds. Portable solar panels can also be used for lighting in outside dining spaces and are perfect for camping off-grid. There is a range of home solar panel kits and accessories that can help you set up a system for your home, which has everything you could need for a cost-effective electricity solution.

Outdoor Lighting

If you dont have mains electricity connected to outbuildings or your garage, home solar panels are an effective way to create power with an independent system. The environmentally friendly lighting offers ways to illuminate garden areas, sheds and outbuildings with an easy to use solar panel system. Home solar panels are usually able to charge units quickly so offer immediate lighting or power when required.

Solar Panel Accessories

There are several ways to buy home solar panels including complete sets that offer easy installation and set up, to accessories that maintain your home system effectively. There is everything from connectors, batteries and regulators to generators, chargers and cables, ideal for a range of home solar panels and kits.

Portable Solar Panels

With the need to charge mobile devices on the go, portable solar charges are a great way to keep your battery full of life without the need to find a plugin point. Home solar panels are also perfect for use on camping trips or holidays in caravans where you are staying off-grid. Many portable panels and kits are lightweight and easy to carry, some also are incredibly thin, water resistant and even flex to fit in a number of places easily.