Solitaire Fine Diamond Rings

Adding Sparkle to Your Life with a Diamond Solitaire Ring

A diamond solitaire ring is one of the most classic items of jewellery youll ever own. Its also an investment that could rise in value exponentially after purchase, so its worth spending some time to hunt down the perfect ring. Investment pieces are valued by their scarcity and beauty, but you might wear your ring every day of your life, so your personal taste shouldnt be ignored.

How do you choose your metal?

When it comes to diamond solitaire rings, yellow gold and white gold are popular, but contemporary metals can achieve a unique aesthetic.

  • If you want a hard solitaire engagement ring, platinum is rare and beautiful. It has a whiter sheen than white gold.
  • Rose gold gets its characteristic hue from its copper content, which makes it a hard, rust-resistant metal.
  • Palladium has a silvery sheen. Its rust-resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Titanium achieves an unusual aesthetic. Its a tough, dark metal that often contains gold and platinum.
  • Zirconium is a black metal with extreme rust resistance. Its hypoallergenic and lightweight.
Which cut sets off a diamond best?

Solitaire diamonds are cut to guide and reflect light. A classic round cut retains diamond value better than other shapes and preserves more of your stone. A princess-cut diamond solitaire ring is square but brilliant enough to sparkle. Heart and pear cuts are a little less timeless but are perfect if you value originality. Oval diamonds slim your hands, but their length to width ratio is limited to the dimensions of the uncut stone.

How does carat weight affect your rings value?

Carats are measured in weight rather than size, and investors on a budget can gain value by choosing the weight just below the whole or half-carat marks. Diamond rings with high carat weights are rare and valuable, but not all wearers want to sacrifice subtlety for return on investment. If you prefer a small stone, the value can be leveraged by choosing high clarity and rare colours. The cut grade will not only maximise value but make a small stone look larger.

How should you care for your solitaire?

Your ring will retain its sparkle if you clean lotions and oils from its surface often. If your metal becomes scratched, a jeweller can buff it to remove surface scratches. Use a polishing cloth in between maintenance appointments, but stay away from harsh chemical cleaners like bleach, which will dull your rings surface. Diamonds will lose their brilliance if they are covered in smudges, so try not to touch your solitaire stone.