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Sony Camera Memory Stick Cards

Sony Memory Stick Camera Cards

Sony memory sticks are a high capacity solution for storing, sharing and transferring pictures, videos and music. They are a long standing piece of technology carefully designed for ease of use and reliability. Sony make a range of memory sticks to use with your Sony digital camera or any compatible device.


Memory sticks come with 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of memory. They transfer data quickly at a speed of around 32 megabytes, meaning you can seamlessly upload and playback files instantly.

Some models have an even higher rate of transfer so its important to check the specific type of memory stick that suits your needs. The PRO duo mark 2 stick is the highest capacity solution Sony make. Perfectly capable of storing high definition video filmed on your camera and transferring it quickly to your PC, you can archive your footage in no time.

If youre looking to shoot in the heat of the desert or the cold of a glacier, Sony memory sticks can withstand temperatures from -25 to 85 degrees so theyre great for using in extreme weather conditions.


Since the development of memory sticks for digital cameras, their storage capacity has risen dramatically. If you have an older camera, check newer memory sticks are compatible as some models were programmed before this technology was developed. Even if you do have a more modern digital camera or other device, youll need to check its compatibility to avoid disappointment.

Types of memory sticks

Memory stick duo is a smaller version of the original memory stick that often comes with an adapter so it can be used in older devices. The micro stick is smaller still and again can be used with an adapter.

Sony memory stick pro cards were designed with a bigger capacity and transfer speed to fit in with evolving technology. Check the make and model of your camera to see which one is compatible with your model.

Storing memory stick camera cards

You need to ensure you look after your memory sticks to avoid breakages or to avoid damaging any of your much loved footage. There are a range of memory card cases, with popular styles including waterproof with a harder shell for additional protection of your memory stick camera cards.