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Specialised Bikes

Cycling is an exhilarating sport allowing you to go just about anywhere you want, whether it is on the road or up in the mountains. Depending on what you want to do, a specialised bike can help you do it.

Specialised Touring Bikes

Specialised touring bikes are great for riding on pavement and are ideal if you want to go on long distance rides. Touring bikes come with everything you need to adjust your bike as well. This includes fenders, cargo racks and even mountain bolts. They have a drop handlebar and a relaxed frame design. Touring bikes make sure that the rider is upright and are known for offering a very high level of comfort. They are designed to be ridden for long periods of time and are ideal for carrying heavier loads up very steep hills.

Specialised Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes are road bikes that have a very specific design. This helps to maximise the aerodynamic shape of both the bike and the rider. The handlebars of these bikes are designed so that you can crouch forward while you are riding which helps to stop the wind from creating too much drag on the bike. Triathlon bikes are not usually allowed in races that require mass starts.

Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat bar road bikes come with all of the advantages of a traditional road bike, but they also have a very lightweight frame as well. They are great for those who want to have a very high-performance bike without the drop handlebar. They are also called fitness bikes or hybrid bikes and they are great for those who don't want to focus on speed alone and for those who want to have an adaptive ride for just about any purpose.