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Specialized Cycling Helmets

Specialized Cycling Helmets

It is generally thought that wearing a Specialized cycling helmet helps to reduce the chances of injury to your head should you have an accident while out riding your bike.

Many people wear specially designed helmets for horse riding, skiing and snowboarding, skateboarding, and it should be no different for when you are cycling.

Specialized cycling helmets are designed to reduce the chances of injury for cyclists, although wearing a helmet is no replacement for making sure that you, or your children, ride safely.

Get the right fit

Making sure you and your children have appropriately sized cycling helmets and wearing them properly is paramount. Theres no point in wearing a helmet if it doesnt fit properly, as it wont provide effective protection. Children grow quickly so its wise to check regularly that their headgear still fits properly. If youre cycling in the cold winter months, does your helmet still fit when youre wearing something underneath it to keep you warm?


Specialized produce a whole range of cycling helmets for children , women and men. They believe in constant research and development to ensure that the helmets they produce are not only enjoyable to wear, look good and provide the safety you need, but that the technology employed to produce them is cutting edge. Its important that the aerodynamics and ergonomics used in the designs are right for cycling.

Theres a wide range of Specialized cycling helmets for you to choose from and the designs differ depending on what type of cycling youre taking part in and the level at which you are cycling. Helmets that have the extra element of a chin bar are especially useful if youre going downhill at speed. Or why not choose a design tailored for road racing with superior aerodynamics and ventilation, but still lightweight to help you maximise your performance.

Whatever type of cycling helmet youre looking for, Specialized will have one to suit your requirements and youll know that theres a wealth of analysis gone into the designs too.

History of the company

The Specialized cycling company started in 1974 when the founder, Mike Sinyard, begun selling and then manufacturing components for bicycles. The companys headquarters is still based near San Francisco and they produce everything you need for cycling. Whether youre interested in mountain biking, road cycling or cycling for fitness, theres a bike and all the necessary accessories for you at Specialized.