Speedlight Softbox

Speedlight Softboxes to Improve Your Photography

Well-illuminated photographs are a lot of work. You can make your work easier with a speedlight softbox to diffuse a large amount of light onto your subject. Choose from new and used speedlight softboxes on eBay.

Do smaller speedlight softboxes work the same as larger ones?

No. Size is a huge factor when it comes to a speedlight softbox. You will want to choose a softbox that is large enough for your subject. Since the softbox goes over your flash, it is important that the softbox is also large enough to cover that portion of your photography setup. A large enough softbox will properly diffuse light throughout the portion of the frame that you want lit. This can be the whole shot or a focus area. Usually, smaller speedlight softboxes are used for shots where your camera is closer to the subject. Larger ones are used farther away.

What types of softboxes are there for weddings?

A portable speedlight softbox is one option for weddings. These tend to be smaller, so you will need to hold the off-camera flash closer to the shot in order to get enough light. The larger softboxes are better for group shots. If you can get a larger speedlight softbox into your wedding photography setup, its a good idea. When you use the larger softboxes, you can hold your camera far away and get larger and even panoramic wedding shots.

Will a softbox work if you use on-camera flash?

Yes, you can get a speedlight softbox that works with on-camera flash. Some tips for working with an on-camera speedlight softbox are the following:

  • Widen your flash all the way: This prevents hotspots in the diffusion and provides a wider expanse of light over the subject.
  • Get as close to the subject as possible: You will get softer light when you get closer to the subject, so dont just zoom in. Move your camera closer.
  • Dont be afraid to use TTL or "Through the Lens": This adjusts the flash automatically with rapid bursts of light so that the camera can adjust its settings. Its a great thing to use in combination with a radio trigger for photography that needs special lighting.
  • Use a radio trigger where possible: Using radio trigger allows you to better assess the shot as it lets you step away from the shot and make sure that everything is just right. If you dont have a radio trigger, you can attach a TTL cord to the cameras hot shoe. This will let you detach the flash and angle it if necessary.