Stainless Steel Nurse Watches

Stainless Steel Fob and Nurse Watches

Stainless steel fob and nurse watches are a brilliant device for nurses when they are busy working on the ward. They allow you to quickly and easily check the time whilst still on-the-go. There is an extensive selection of nurses fob watches available in different styles, colours and from different brands.

The dial is probably the most important feature of a fob watch, as you need it to be clear and easy to read for fast and efficient use. The display is available in both analogue and digital. Digital displays are easier to read whereas analogue displays offer a more traditional look.

Attachment types come in various styles and colours, with the key being to find one that has an easy fastening as this will save you time when working.

They come in both clip on and a brooch styles which attach easily to your uniform. The brooch style nurses fob watches are the stylish option as they come in a range of various designs.

The designs available for nurses fob watches include butterflies, hearts, flowers and smiley faces.

These designs add a nice touch of personal style to your uniform. If you prefer something understated then a clip on watch in a single plain colour will be more suited to you.

There are a wide range of brands offering different styles of nurse fob watches, including Rotary, Ravel and Lorus, with each offer something different.

Rotary watches , for example, feature a pulsometer and are waterproof, meaning that it is safe to use in most environments. Rotary nurse watches also have luminous hand dials which make it much easier to read in low light conditions.

Stainless steel nurses fob watches are a thoughtful gift for someone who collects watches, has just got a job as a nurse, or for a loved one on their birthday.