Stainless Steel Pocket Watches

Stainless Steel Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are used as much to tell the time, as they are to express ones personal sense of fashion. Stainless steel pocket watches appeal to collectors and fashionistas alike with the first pocket watch designs dating back to the 17th century.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is strong, durable and with a high resistance to corrosion making it the material of choice for many watchmakers. Whilst hardwearing, this material is surprisingly lightweight and is easy to polish and shine, helping to maintain the pleasing appearance of most high-quality timepieces. Pocket watch cases are typically made from hard materials such as stainless steel as they help to protect the inner workings of the watch.

Types of Pocket Watch

Pocket watch styles differ significantly with open face watches leaving the crystal and dial exposed. The lack of cover is a key design feature of this watch type, which also tends to have an analogue display, represented by numbers, Roman numerals or time marker ticks.

In contrast, hunter pocket watches have a hinged cover over the dial, which helps protect the timepiece from everyday wear and tear. Many of the hunter styles are elaborately etched or engraved for a more elaborate appearance. While regular hunter pocket watches have a cover over the front to protect the delicate mechanics of the timepiece, double hunters provide armour over the entire watch with a front and back cover.

Half hunters are somewhere in between an open face and a hunter offering a front case with a glass insert so you can see the dial in action - even when the case is closed. This allows the watch to be protected at all times while allowing you to keep track of time.

Mechanics of Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watches have to be wound manually to keep them running and have a loud ticking sound. They can be self-winding or automatic. Battery operated quartz watches rely on a charged quartz crystal for accurate timekeeping. Electronic watches can have a modern LED display.