Stamp Albums

When you've spent time building an impressive stamp collection, it's natural that you'd want to store your collection somewhere safe. And when you want to show it off, something that shows your stamps in the best light is ideal. Stamp albums are the perfect way to cover both of these aspects, and you'll find a large number of albums to choose from, however you like to organise and display your collection.

Choosing the Right Album

Your stamp collection is a highly personal thing and how you store it will be just as personal. The ‘right' album depends on how you want to store and view your stamp collection. For someone who likes to display a wide variety of stamps on one sheet then a First Day Cover album might be a good idea. With up to four slots for four covers per side of one sheet, this album is a popular choice. The plastic sheets also give you peace of mind that your stamps will be protected from dust and moisture.

If you like to organise your collection by geography then a country-specific stamp album is for you. This is especially true if you have a lot of stamps and feel that in one album they may be too cluttered.

Things to Look Out For

When you're looking for a stamp album there are several features to keep an eye out for, no matter which style you choose. A good stiff spine and front and back covers will keep the album upright and will prevent any unwanted bending or creasing of your stamps. Plastic protective sheets are also a good idea to keep stamps from being damaged by accidental spills.

You might even like to consider a vintage or antique stamp album to really enhance the special nature of your collection. This may even increase the value too.