Steel Bike Frames

Steel bike frames are often made out of high tensile steel or cro-moly. They are incredibly durable and they are suited to both mountain bikes and road bikes. They are available in different colours with many different designs to choose from. Steel bike frame brands include Raleigh, Boss, Olmo and more.

High Tensile

High tensile steel is the most inexpensive steel when it comes to bike frames. It only contains a few alloys and they are designed to improve the weight ratio. It is most commonly used in mountain bikes because the extra weight helps to keep the bike stable while also making sure that the rider has complete control at all times. High tensile steel is ideal for heavy-duty riding and it is very durable as well. One thing to note is that they are not entirely suited to road racing, due to the weight of the steel slowing the bike down.


Cro-moly is a steel that has been alloyed with molybdenum and chromium. These two metals help to make the steel much lighter when compared to high tensile steel. It is also much stronger as well. Bike frames that are made out of cro-moly are usually much thinner and they also have a reduced weight. This is all done while preserving the quality of the frame. Cro-moly steel frames are suited to road racing and mountain biking.


Alternative steels may favour strength or weight reduction. They are usually brought to the market by independent manufacturers. Alternative steel frames include ones that combine both cro-moly and high tensile steel in both the seat posts and the forks. The type of steel frame you choose will depend on the type of biking you want to do, the importance of weight vs stiffness and even your own budget requirements.